About Us

It was my first year of university and as a Drama and Theatre Arts student I had a lot of dreams, aspirations and hopes. I was sitting in an interestingly boring Theatre History lecture and as usual I escaped in my day-dreams. The lecturer’s voice became a underwater sound. I turned a page in my blue note pad, that was meant for study notes and I listed legendary names of artists that I would love to work with. The names listed from Christo Davids, Hennie van Greunen, Tobi Cronje, Brenda Nxoli and the list goes on. The dream continued with how I can pay tribute to my four grandparents, Phillip, Elizabeth, Nettie and Manuwel. It was easy, it was a giving, I would use their initials P.E.N.M. and that will be a sign that they will always be with me. On one page I drew random images of how the design should look, but it was clear that the yet to come production company shall be called PENM Productions. I wanted to be embedded in my ancestral history.

In 2013, I started my very first Theatrical Directorial, ADJUSTED with the likes of Jane Mamotse Mpholo (the co-director of PENM Productions), Olivia Sauer, Nora Leandra Joubert and Boitumelo Mkhondo. We started of very successful and had festival and touring shows, the bond grew strong and we started too expanded. PENM Productions soon became a home to many artistic souls. PENM started as an ensemble full of hopefuls and with the determination and persistence of Jane Mamotse Mpholo, PENM Productions was officially registered a Company.